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In “Le pansement Schubert” Claire Oppert shares stories of patients benefitting from music therapy in a hospital setting

Thursday 06 February 2020

On 6 February 2020, French author and musician Claire Oppert published her new book “Le pansement Schubert”. The book shares the author’s experience at Sainte-Périne Hospital in Paris, where she carried out an experimental music therapy she calls “Le pansement Schubert” (the “Schubert bandage”), aiming to relieve pain, anxiety and to brighten the daily lives of patients. The idea came to her in March 2012, when she was in the palliative care unit of Sainte-Périne Hospital. A female patient was screaming and struggling while two nurses tried to dress her. Ms Oppert, a cellist, began to play the slow movement of Schubert's Trio n° 2. The music had an immediate impact: everyone involved calmed down, visibly and the mood lightened considerably.

Claire Oppert subsequently formed a plan and with the support of Dr Jean-Marie Gomas, was able to implement a trial run in the hospital. The results of the trial were positive: 50% of the patients showed a reduction in pain, 90% of them displayed lower levels of anxiety, and 100% of caregivers reported enjoying the benefits. “Le pansement Schubert”, published by Éditions Denoël, shares the stories of the patients, the healthcare providers, and the carers involved.