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IDoService project gets going

Monday 25 January 2021

As previously announced, the IDoService project titled “Facilitating Inclusion and Empowerment of People Living with Dementia through Access to Cultural and Creative Activities” was launched in October 2020. The IDoService, which is based at Manchester Metropolitan University, will conduct research and a pilot study in the area of Greater Manchester to develop the service. Offering a high level of dementia-friendliness is a priority for the region, as evidenced by the GBP 2.29m programme Dementia United launched in 2017, making Greater Manchester an exciting place for this project.

The IDoService takes a service design approach to co-develop, implement and evaluate a service that could help people living with mild dementia to connect with relevant groups, charities or other activity groups to realise themselves. Service design can be defined as the use of creative design tools and methods (e.g., co-design workshop) to develop or improve services. The IDoService objective is to support people to plan, connect with, and take part in activities they enjoy and in which they can have an active contribution.

The project’s first three months have allowed the research team to settle and get going with the project. Amongst others, activities included learning more about the various dementia-related charities and opportunities in Greater Manchester regarding meaningful activity participation and making contacts.

The next step is to speak to people with dementia and people from dementia organisations, through focus groups and individual interviews, which is planned in early February 2021. The project will speak to people living with mild to moderate dementia, as well as their family and friends, and other stakeholders in the field of dementia support, activities and advocacy. Their lived experience is essential to a better understanding of the availability, accessibility, needs, and wishes regarding leisure opportunities, and as a basis for developing the IDoService.

You can find more information about the project here:

For any questions or suggestions about access to meaningful activities, please do not hesitate to contact the research team on: