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Alzheimer’s Society partnered with the Department for Transport’s campaign, launching dementia-friendly bus transport resources

Thursday 19 March 2020

 Alzheimer’s Society has partnered with Department for Transport on their current campaign – “It’s everyone’s journey”-  to address the fact that too many disabled people do not feel confident using public transport.

The campaign runs from 25 February to the end of March 2020. It aims to show the impact that other passengers’ unconscious behaviour can have on disabled passengers, and encourages a change in behaviour. Alzheimer’s Society and people with dementia have provided feedback on the issues being highlighted during the campaign and also on the materials which will be advertised at railway stations, bus stops, on buses and trains across the country.

Two-thirds of people living with dementia in the UK live in the community but less than half (47%)feel like they are a part of it.

Transport is a lifeline; helping people retain their independence, combat loneliness and live well with dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society have launched two resources for the bus sector, setting out best practice and key actions the bus industry can take to become more dementia-friendly. They are in the form of an information card for bus organisations and a 'Top 10 Tips' booklet for bus drivers, providing advice on how they can support and assist people living with dementia.

The resources have been created by consulting directly with people living with dementia, through regional Focus on Dementia groups and alongside organisations in the sector such as Bus Users UK, Blackpool Transport and Brighton & Hove Buses; all of whom lead the way in accessibility and working towards a more dementia-friendly bus sector.

There are regional pockets around the country where bus operators are engaging with Alzheimer’s Society to be more dementia-friendly and where some partner organisations have over 5000 Dementia Friends. However, the aim of these resources is to help support the sector to increase the number of Dementia Friends, on a national scale and help them take steps towards ensuring the services they offer are fully accessible and dementia-friendly.

 Making clear announcements to keep passengers informed, providing signposts to show them where to find support when routes are disrupted, and producing easily accessible timetables are some examples of actions that can support people living with a wide range of disabilities, including dementia.

Both individuals and organisations can collectively create a more supportive travel environment for people living with dementia.

To download the resources, visit: