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Alzheimer Slovenia organises summer creative arts workshops

Monday 23 August 2021

During the hot summer months, Spominčica (Alzheimer Slovenia) organised a series of creative arts workshops, in cooperation with the National Gallery of Slovenia. They organised several workshops where participants looked at reproductions of the paintings from the National Gallery, developed stories based on the memories and feelings associated with the paintings and tried their hand at producing new works of art themselves.

Spominčica organised the workshops also in the gardens of care homes for elderly people. The workshops were a great success and during the last days of August, they organised guided tours in the National Gallery, for people with dementia. For the occasion, Ljubljana Passenger Transport provided free bus transport.

The basic idea of the creative art therapy sessions - developed within Erasmus+ KA2 project AD-ARTS – - is that people living with dementia, through the use of artistic materials and the creative process, are facilitated in the expression and processing of their experiences. Spominčica has developed different training activities with the use of music therapy, art therapy, dance therapy and drama therapy.

The aim of the workshops, which were performed also in Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey, was to validate the developed training activities together with people with dementia. The final results of the AD-ARTS project will be presented at a conference in late September.