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Members' news


Alzheimer Europe’s members are working continuously to ensure people with dementia and their carers are having their needs both heard and met. In this section we report on our members’ latest initiatives and work.

21/01/2021 Alzheimer Slovenia creates online workshop content for multiple European projects
12/01/2021 France Alzheimer launches national survey on citizens' knowledge of cognitive impairment
18/12/2020 Alzheimer Nederland campaign “Wat Alz.. Jij het bent” focuses on women’s risk of dementia
14/12/2020 Romanian Alzheimer society implements a new project - “Mental Health – Priority on the Public Agenda!”
14/12/2020 Alzheimer Bulgaria holds online event to introduce its work to students of the American University in Bulgaria
09/12/2020 Her Majesty Queen Sofía, Honorary President of the Confederación Española de Alzheimer (CEAFA) takes part in videoconference to celebrate the organisation’s 30th anniversary
23/11/2020 Larissa Alzheimer Association shares the community outreach it recently carried out during World Alzheimer's Month
20/11/2020 Ireland’s “Understand Together” campaign publishes two new reports and a guide on dementia inclusive design
27/10/2020 “Let’s Talk about Dementia” is bringing the conversation into the heart of communities across Ireland
26/10/2020 Greece marked World Alzheimer’s Month 2020 with a number of events across the country
14/10/2020 Irish Dementia Research Advisory Team hosts webinar for researchers
14/10/2020 Alzheimer Bulgaria hosts a “Meet the Expert” webinar for the first time
03/10/2020 Alzheimer Bulgaria takes part in a regular running event in order to spread awareness
29/09/2020 Alzheimer Scotland announces launch of a virtual dementia resource centre
28/09/2020 Turkey launches innovative project “Forgotten Stuff” during World Alzheimer’s Month