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New EWGPWD member Amela Hajrić introduces herself and tells us what’s happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wednesday 23 November 2016

​​Dear friends,

I want to write you about me and the activities of our Association "AIR" in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

l spoke about our stay at the Alzheimer Europe conference and about my election in European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD) at a meeting  of our Association and the meeting in the Center for dementia.

The first Alzheimer Café in my country was held on 12 November for two days, at the Holiday Inn. This was a wonderful beginning for future maintenance of Alzheimer Cafés in many cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Esteemed Professor Doctor Zvezdan Pirtosek from Slovenia spoke on the courses and treatment of dementia.

For me this was opportunity to tell everyone about our stay in Copenhagen. I told them about my internment into the EWGPWD. I also said how many new people l met and how many new insights I got from people with dementia and from lectures. It was a beautiful and useful socialising experience.

In the last week activities have been continued by our "AIR" association:

We had very important meetings with people from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Policy. For me it was again an opportunity to convey to people from these Ministries the experience of our delegation in Copenhagen, of which l was a member.

I presented my election to the working group EWGPWD and talked about the importance of this election and my presence in this group in the next two years.

I described the work of the group EWGPWD from the first day, when there was a shift of the old and the election of new members.

Yours, Amela Hajrić, member of the EWGPWD.