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EWGPWD member Nina Baláčková writes about her trip to Asia Pacific Alzheimers

Wednesday 22 February 2017

At the Conference of ADI in Budapest I was invited by the Chairperson of the Alzheimer Society New Zealand to the Asia Pacific Alzheimer’s Conference. It took place in Wellington in November 2016.

There were many specialists from the whole world at that conference, as usual at such big conferences. I was happy to meet many people with dementia and their carers, mainly from New Zealand, Australia and my colleagues from Dementia Alliance International.

I heard their useful and interesting information about the Alzheimer’s Society of New Zealand and Australia too. For example I was surprised to hear that there were some cases of late diagnosis of dementia. The family and friends realised that their loved ones are changing - worse memory, sometimes bad orientation in place and time, no patience....But their tests at the doctors were good. Only after 2-3 years the doctor reached a diagnosis of dementia!

At one workshop, patients with dementia complained how difficult it is for them when they need to be in the hospital. Then I was proud to share my experience from the Czech Republic. As I was in the hospital in summer last year and all the staff spoke slowly and clearly with me, explained to me everything. I felt very comfortable and with dignity, not like several years ago. Later I realised through the Czech Alzheimer’s Society that some hospitals educate their staff about how to speak and act with people with dementia.

Travelling so far away was tiring, but the Conference was great. I was grateful to be there.


Nina Baláčková,member of the EWGPWD, Czech Republic.