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Alv Orheim, Vice-Chair of the EWGPWD, writes “Brief observations from the Norwegian working group”

Tuesday 30 May 2017

The group was established in 2014, and I attended my first meeting in May of that year. Since then we have grown to 8 members. We meet 4 times a year in Oslo, at the headquarters of the National Health Organisation.

Among our most important contributions have been input to our second national dementia strategy, which was adopted in December 2015. People affected by dementia, both within the national working group and beyond, were involved in formulating the strategy.

Our current topics touch on much the same issues as we see in the EWGPWD. E.g. at our last meeting, May 8th, we gave the final comments to a revised national booklet on dementia, and we offered input to a project identifying areas that should be considered in city and environment planning making our surroundings more dementia friendly. We also gave input to a project to make hospitals more dementia friendly. The group was presented with a new picture book, designed to evoke memories and to promote conversation and social interaction. The book may be used in both private homes and institutions.