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Nina Baláčková, EWGPWD member, writes about Prague Memory Festival

Tuesday 23 February 2016

When I heard about increasing knowledge about dementia in other countries, I wished to have more activities here in the Czech Republic - especially around World Alzheimer’s Day in September.

For many years there were "Memory Weeks": In various places around our country, people could take tests for their memory and materials about dementia were distributed. These events were organised by the Czech Alzheimer Society.

I was pleasantly surprised last September in Prague. There was a one week “memory festival”.In that time, people could come to the small theatre every evening to see films such as “Vergiss mein nicht”, “Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die” and “Alda”, or theatre performance such as “Six Billion Suns”. I had the privilege, some years ago, to collaborate with young people from the theatre on that performance. I shared my opinions and experiences of my own dementia with them.

After this performance there were discussions between Dr Jarolímová, the actors, the producer and myself. After films there were discussions too.

During the festival, people were able to test their memory, like in previous years. They could also speak about their problems in this area with specialists. There was a lot of interest in this festival and I am really grateful for it!


Nina Baláčková

Member of EWGPWD