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“Awareness Activities as a member of the EWGPWD” - by Idalina Aguiar

Tuesday 07 March 2017

This month (March 2017), I participated, as a member of the EWGPWD, in two important activities as a Delegation of Madeira Alzheimer Portugal guest.

First, on my birthday, 7 March, I participated in a Caregivers Support Group. In this group, we broach the main issues related to daily activities of people with dementia and their caregivers. It was important to me to know their (caregivers’) opinions and I had the opportunity to share what a person like me would feel in some situations.

On 15 March I took part in an awareness activity aimed at the general public, with the theme: “What is Alzheimer’s disease?” I was invited to talk about the EWGPWD, to share our activities and I gave my personal examples.

During both activities, I felt comfortable and I realised how important my presence was there and how important it is to the community to listen to people with dementia.