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EWGPWD member Amela Hajrić tells us about a recent conference she attended in her country

Thursday 03 January 2019

From 21-23 November 2018, I attended the ICoDem/18 International Congress on Dementia in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the frame of iCoDem/18 - which was a very successful congress with a lot visitors and great lecturers and which brought together various professions during 4 days, including 3 full days of lectures - our support group and group of people with dementia participated in all sessions and on the last day of iCoDem/18 we held our own session.

The first day was spent organising the session "Dementia as a public challenge", where we discussed with representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Federal Agency for Control and Standardisation in the Health Sector and the Institute for Public Health.

We talked about what it means to have dementia in Bosnia and Herzegovina, about the dementia “epidemic” in society and about whether we are taking action to combat dementia.

On the last day of iCoDem/18, we had lectures on stigma, carer burn-out, programmes for helping people with dementia, educational programmes, etc.

The active participation of pupils and students, who had a lot of questions for our group of people with dementia, was very significant.