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Carol Hargreaves, member of the EWGPWD, updates us on her situation

Sunday 21 May 2017

Hi everyone, thought I would let you all know how my life is going.

I had to go for an MRI at the end of last year as things weren't going well with me. Anyway, although I knew it, I was told it had advanced, but the difference in me is I didn't react. I have just learnt to be more alert and careful.

My wee mum is 87 and struggling with life. All her family are gone and she had 9 siblings. It's very hard on my sister and myself - we do our best. Mum is very stubborn and won’t accept any outside help, so it can be draining. We think she is getting a bit confused herself. I must say our cousins are great they visit a lot, although she's like a different person with them. She wants myself and Margaret to be there all the time - my sis works full time and I am very much invoked with SDWG (Scottish dementia working group) so it can be difficult.

It was my 60th birthday on Tuesday and my family took me away to celebrate -it was fantastic!

As for our recent EWGPWD meeting in Luxembourg, I hope everything we discussed will be put into action. We worked very hard and agreed with so much. The workshops were amazing. May I also mention my step daughter Jayne, as she added so many good suggestions and had a group of us doing gentle excises before breakfast, which we all enjoyed and it gave us a pleasant start to another busy day.

Always great to meet up with everyone. I feel we’re getting very close to each other and that makes it easier to speak, learn and also be friends that understand each other.

That is my life up until now bye everyone take care and don't stop people for illnesses that they can't seem to get out of.