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New EWGPWD member Idalina Aguiar introduces herself and tells us about her recent trip to 26AEC in Copenhagen

Saturday 26 November 2016

​​I have memory problems, however, some people support me to deal with this problem. Two of them are my psychologists, Lucília and Gonçalo, from Delegation of Madeira (Island from Portugal) of Alzheimer Portugal. They asked me if I was interested to participate in the EWGPWD. Initially I needed some help to understand what kind of group was this. They showed me some pictures and texts from the earlier EWGPWD. They even tried to teach me some English words and some images from Copenhagen. I was getting excited to participate and to share my ideas and thoughts about my own disease. I never forgot again that I was almost traveling to Copenhagen to participate in this meeting.

My daughter Nélida is my main support and it is through her that I can communicate and make the importance of my integration in society prevail.

I went to Copenhagen and they followed me through Nélida’s social network. When I came back they knew that I really enjoyed to be there and that I will have many challenges in coming future but that I am also enthusiastic to face them with their and Nélida’s support. Last week I gave them my feedback about Copenhagen meeting. Here´s what I said about it:

I enjoyed a lot to be in Copenhagen meeting and to be part of a working group that talked about Alzheimer´s disease with no complexes. I sympathised with the other members, even though I do not remember their names, but I certainly remember their faces and importance. I learned about Alzheimer´s disease and for sure, my experience will contribute to the future of this group."

Idalina Aguiar, member of the EWGPWD.