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Idalina Aguiar, member of the EWGPWD, takes part in World Alzheimer’s Day events in Madeira

Saturday 21 September 2019

As part of the celebrations for World Alzheimer's Day, which took place on 21 September, Machico City Hall marked the event through the “Memory Ride”, in an awareness-raising action on Alzheimer's disease. I had the opportunity to actively participate as a person living with dementia, sharing with the public some of my experiences of living with this disease. As a member of Alzheimer Portugal and of the EWGPWD, I was very pleased to lend my support to this event. Together with my daughter Nélida, I also wanted to represent ANCI (National Association of Informal Caregivers).

The municipality also organised the Exhibition “Reviving Memories”, a lecture where Alzheimer's disease was the focus. Also, a panel was placed, “Machico Friend in Dementia” in the City Hall. It was a joint action that emphasised emphasised the importance of a society that is friendly to people with dementia in the fight against stigma, with the motto that "the Person is much more than Dementia." We also had the opportunity to actively participate in the Friends of Dementia campaign, in gathering new friends and promoting the campaign, an initiative of Alzheimer Portugal.

It was an excellent opportunity provided by the municipality of Machico (Machico City Council) which, in this way, gave a clear example of citizenship in the dissemination of information on such a current topic. Idalina is supported by her daughter Nélida, to whom we are grateful for her help in translating Idalina's words to English.