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EWGPWD member Carol Hargreaves tries to stay positive

Monday 23 January 2017

I would like to say I am so grateful for my life, as it is today.

My lovely mother, aged 88 years old, her mind is as sharp as a needle. Sadly her wee body is not working too good, I have just dropped her off at her own home and she lives alone but is so strong.

What I am trying to say is my involvement with the EWGPWD (European Working Group of People with Dementia) and the SDWG (Scottish Dementia Working Group) has made me feel this way: It can be very stressful, let me say - I thank god I am still able to be there for her, not the other way around, as that sadly can happen.

Best wishes and kind regards to everyone,

Carol Hargreaves, EWGPWD member