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Nina Balackova writes about “The Potato Soup”

Monday 20 June 2016

Nina Balackova, a member of our European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD), sent us a story this month called “The Potato Soup” for our “Living with Dementia” section - or should that be “cooking with dementia”?

The Potato Soup

Given my lack of taste, smell, poor estimate of time, distance and quantity, for me cooking is a matter of becoming more adventurous. And I did not mention even forgetfulness.

One autumn day a few years ago, I decided to cook potato soup. I prepared, scraped and cut up vegetables, I prepared a nice dark roux. I also had plenty of mushrooms, thanks to my daughter. I felt there might be something missing. But what? I added a hint of garlic, marjoram.

That day my friend Eva came to visit. The soup seemed to look pretty good and was nice and thick, so when Eva arrived I immediately gave her a taste to check whether it needed more garlic, salt, or marjoram.
 Eva, my husband and I then had dinner together and when my husband had almost finished, he innocently remarked that he couldn’t taste much of the potato in the soup. I thought long and hard, then burst out laughing: "Well, you couldn’t taste it, because I forgot to put potatoes in". We laughed about it for a long time afterwards. Potato soup without potatoes…

Nina Balackova, EWGPWD member, Czech Republic.