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Carol Hargreaves, member of the EWGPWD, shares some positive aspects of her dementia

Monday 15 October 2018

I would love to let the world know that, although I have dementia and don't know what the future holds for me, I can only say I have a new purpose in life. We are all given our crosses to bear and life has to go on.

I have learned so much, firstly from my national group, the Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG). The SDWG put me forward for the European working group (EWGPWD), which was an honour. It's a privilege to meet all my friends and work colleagues and, believe me, we work very hard to make the lives of people with dementia easier. If I can help even one person, I will feel I have done something right.

I worked all my days, and my family brought me joy, but now I feel like a different person, in a good way. I know I am more open minded and take nothing for granted. Things can go wrong, but I don't (or try not to) blame my illness.

I have been honoured to open big, important conferences and was able to speak about my life before and after my diagnosis. I do get very nervous every time I speak, but somehow the nerves disappear and it goes well.

That’s it, I just wanted to say how passionate I am, and to say that we can live well with dementia, we just need a little help sometimes.