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Idalina Aguiar, member of the EWGPWD, writes “A busy month…with a smile”

Friday 31 March 2017

On 25 March I participated, for the first time, in the Madeira Memory Cafe (I had one previous experience in Oeiras Memory Cafe). This time, the theme was the well-being of the caregivers of people with dementia. I recognise that this is a very important theme and an important part of my life now. To feel well, I need a healthy family and caregivers. For sure I will be present at the next Memory Café with the theme of laughter as therapy.

On the last day of March, I was present at the Social Economy and Solidarity Fair, organised by a sector of Madeira’s Government, with my colleagues from the Delegation of Madeira of Alzheimer Portugal. It was a way to show our work and the services of the Delegation. We produced some Easter Baskets (I love to do arts and crafts) and filled them with chocolates to display at the Fair.  

More news in my life - as I am always trying to be independent and autonomous, - is that I am now engaged in occupational therapy sessions. I started this month and the objective is to train the basic and instrumental activities of daily living. It was a busy month, with gardening, card games, writing, reading and dancing, but it was always with a smile: the smile is the spirit of music!

About Idalina Aguiar

Idalina participates in several activities in Delegation of Madeira of Alzheimer Portugal. This Delegation promotes the following services: Cognitive stimulation, psychological counselling for caregivers and people with dementia or with memory problems, training to formal and informal caregivers, support groups for caregivers, group activities for people with dementia, music therapy, occupational therapy, gardening, technical aids for people with dementia, Memory Cafes, awareness sessions for the community, fund-raising activities. Idalina is supported by her daughter Nelida, to whom we are grateful for her help in translating Idalina's words to English.