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Petri Lampinen, member of the EWGPWD, tells us about his speech at the Alzheimer Society of Finland’s 30th anniversary gala

Friday 21 September 2018

It was a great honor to say the opening remarks in the 30th anniversary gala of the Alzheimer Society of Finland (Muistiliitto) on World Alzheimer’s Day this year. I got this opportunity as the Chairperson of the Finnish working group of people with dementia, the Memory Activists. A large group of volunteers from the local memory (or dementia) associations were also invited to the gala. It was a great way to show appreciation to the volunteers. The gala, which included a lot of musical entertainment, was a big success. Awards were given to people with extensive and particularly valuable experience in the field of dementia. I was also happy to see that, despite my dementia, I have developed into a better public speaker and enjoy facing bigger crowds as well.

I have also participated in a video interview by another Finnish NGO, working in cooperation with the Alzheimer Society of Finland. I was told about this opportunity through my local memory (or dementia) association. In the interview, I shared my experience of living with the disease. The NGO will use the recording in their work, promoting the welfare and social protection of the older population. I can also use the video as part of my future speeches. While looking at this recording first time, I noted that my positive attitude is an important resource for me and that I live a good life. I feel that I am helping many people with the wide-ranging dementia work that I am able to do. My work has lot of meaning for me.