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Living with dementia


Articles written by members of our European Working Group of People With Dementia and other people with dementia about their experiences of life since a diagnosis of dementia.

13/02/2019 Kevin Quaid shares his experience of diagnosis and his shift in perspective since joining the Irish Dementia Working Group
03/01/2019 EWGPWD member Amela Hajrić tells us about a recent conference she attended in her country
30/11/2018 Helen Rochford Brennan reflects on progress made during her 4 years so far as Chair of the EWGPWD
29/11/2018 Idalina Aguiar tells us about her former EWGPWD colleague Nina Baláčková’s visit to Madeira Island
15/10/2018 Carol Hargreaves, member of the EWGPWD, shares some positive aspects of her dementia
21/09/2018 Idalina Aguiar, member of the EWGPWD, tells us how she marked World Alzheimer’s Day 2018
21/09/2018 Petri Lampinen, member of the EWGPWD, tells us about his speech at the Alzheimer Society of Finland’s 30th anniversary gala
18/09/2018 Tomaž Gržinič talks to Spominčica magazine about dementia and technology
27/08/2018 Chris Roberts and Jayne Goodrick talk about the importance of patient engagement
16/08/2018 Former vice-chair of the EWGPWD, Alv Orheim, shares his experience of the Nordic Dementia Conference
25/06/2018 Helen Rochford-Brennan shares her experience of the Galway conference
21/06/2018 Idalina, member of the EWGPWD, advocates for recognition of carers in Portugal
12/05/2018 Tomaž Gržinič, member of the EWGPWD is interviewed on national TV in Slovenia
11/05/2018 Carol Hargreaves shares her experience of diagnosis and shows that there is hope
08/05/2018 Champions of dementia unite to raise awareness