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European Alzheimer’s Alliance (EAA) member to host an exhibition on accessibility in the European Parliament

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Marek Plura MEP (Poland), a member of the European Alzheimer’s Alliance (EAA) is to host an exhibition entitled “Europe without barriers” in the European Parliament, highlighting the barriers people with disabilities experience around Europe. The exhibition will open by screening some of the films which were shown as part of the 2018 “European Film Festival Integration, You and Me”, a festival which focuses on promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The films include real life dramas and biographies of people with disabilities, demonstrating the experiences and challenges they face in everyday life, as well as exploring other issues such as poverty, immigration, sport etc. As part of his work around disabilities and accessibility, Mr Plura also recently spoke at a European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) hearing into people with disabilities and voting, exploring the legal and practical barriers which often prevent people from voting. You can read his comments and those of others, here:

If you would like to attend the exhibition, please contact: