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Free online course in “Foundations in Dementia” is available for professional and family carers

Tuesday 03 December 2019

A six-week, free course, called “Foundations in Dementia” is available online, aiming to help participants to understand people with dementia and to care appropriately for them, as professional or family supporters. The course spans six main topics, one each week:

  • Week 1 - Inside the brain
  • Week 2 - Assessment and treatment
  • Week 3 - Law and ethics
  • Week 4 - Communication skills
  • Week 5 - Family and friends
  • Week 6 - Living well with dementia and end of life care.

It also offers insights from recent research. Some of the material is specific to England and Wales, such as the legal context and health service provision, but much of it is applicable beyond those borders. Find out more: