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IDoService project team finalises interviews with the community

Wednesday 25 August 2021

The IDoService project aims to co-develop tools to make it easier for people living with mild to moderate dementia to connect with relevant groups, and to have more opportunities for active participation in meaningful activities and feel valued for any skills or expertise they might have to share. To understand the particular situation of people in Greater Manchester, the IDoService project conducted a series of focus groups and individual interviews with people with lived experience of dementia and key stakeholder in the field of dementia support between February and August 2021.

This summer has seen the completion of interviews with the community. After interviews with stakeholders working in the field of dementia and activities during the spring, the project team conducted interviews with people living with mild to moderate dementia and a close relative or friend. Participants shared their experiences of participation in activities that were meaningful for them, such as swimming, meeting friends, gardening, or singing with a choir. Interviews offered an opportunity to discuss the accessibility and availability of activities, but also needs and preferences regarding social and leisure opportunities. Recruiting participants during the current COVID-19 context and organising remote interviews was challenging but the project team has had great support from service providers in Greater Manchester.

The project team is now in the process of analysing and synthesising all insights to prepare for the co-design workshops that they will hold in the autumn. Including people living with dementia as co-designers, the workshops will rely on these insights to explore speculative design ideas. The final aim of this work is to co-develop a service allowing people living with mild to moderate dementia to have better access to tailored activities to realise themselves.

More information can be found on the project website, For any questions or suggestions about The IDoService project and its activities, please do not hesitate to contact the research team via email ( or Twitter (@idoservice4dem1).

The IDoService project builds on the interdisciplinary participative design approach, ideas of empowerment and social engagement developed during the European project MinD (2016-2020).