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Craig Ritchie kicks off a busy month for the EPAD initiative

Wednesday 01 July 2015

It has been a very busy month for the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia (EPAD) initiative, which began with a presentation by Professor Craig Ritchie at the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Conference in Birmingham, UK on 1 July.

At the conference, EPAD coordinator Prof. Ritchie - Professor of the Psychiatry of Ageing at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland - outlined the initiative’s approach to trying to prevent the development of dementia:

Early warning signs of dementia can be identified for up to 20 years before a person develops symptoms. By looking for biomarkers, people with early stage dementia can be identified, even if they have no obvious symptoms. Using this method, the EPAD initiative intends to establish a European-wide register of 24,000 people deemed at high risk of developing dementia. Those people at highest risk will be invited to join trials of preventative medicines.

“This is a genuine game changer in the fight against dementia. By joining forces, scientists and pharmaceutical companies across Europe can deliver a real benefit to people at risk of this disease”, Prof. Ritchie enthused.

His presentation can be downloaded here:

In other EPAD news this month:

On 15 July, a dementia-focused episode of BBC TV series (UK) “Trust Me I’m a Doctor” featured interviews with EPAD’s Craig Ritchie, Miia Kivipelto, José Luis Molinuevo and Luc Truyen. More information about the programme can be found here:

As announced in the EPAD project bulletin of 17 July, EPAD now appears on the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) website, here:

To round off the month, Prof. Ritchie presented EPAD at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC 2015) on 21 July in Washington, US.