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MinD design evaluation stage begins

Thursday 24 January 2019

January saw the start of an important phase in the EU project MinD, which aims to improve the quality of life of people in the early stages of dementia. In mid-January, colleagues from University of Twente, Netherlands, worked with colleagues from Alexianer Hospital in Berlin, Germany, to begin evaluating the Good Life Kit, one of the two designs the project has developed. Dr Geke Ludden, project lead for University of Twente said:

“We want to support people with dementia by helping them to think about how they can lead a mindful and meaningful life.”

The Kit invites people diagnosed with dementia to think together with their loved ones in a playful way about what they hold most important in their lives what the diagnosis of dementia means to them, and what they can and want to do to live life well. 16 prototypes in four languages have been produced of the Good Life Kit by the University’s DesignLab DreamTeam – an interdisciplinary team of students.

The kits have been produced in four languages for evaluation with people with dementia in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and The UK. People with dementia have been involved through Alzheimer Europe’s European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD) and the Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) group in Nottingham (UK), as well as through MinD care partners Zorggroep Sint Maarten (Netherlands), Alexianer Klinik (Germany) and Intras (Spain).

The evaluation of the Good Life Kit in The Netherlands began on 24 January, where the University of Twente (the Human Centred Design and Interaction Design groups) is working together with MinD partner Zorggroep Sint Maarten. Case managers Ilse Dierselhuis and Christel Weusthof:

“We are of the opinion that the Good Life Kit can be a useful supplement in the guidance that we, as case managers at Zorggroep Sint Maarten, offer to our clients and to those around them. It is also very much in line with our own vision, ‘Share your life’, and with how we look at and treat our clients.”