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MEETINGDEM: implementation and validation of the Meeting Centres Support Programme in Europe

Sunday 05 March 2017

During the last three years an interesting and successful implementation project, called MEETINGDEM, has been carried out in several countries in Europe, funded by the Joint Programme Neurodegenerative Diseases (JPND) research.

MEETINGDEM (2014-2017) aims to adaptively implement, evaluate and disseminate the evidence-based Meeting Centers Support Programme (MCSP) for people with dementia and their carers in Europe. MCSP consists of a social club for people with dementia, where they can participate in recreational and creative activities as well as in therapeutic interventions, three days per week; informative meetings and discussion groups for their family caregivers and a weekly consultation hour, monthly centre meeting and social activities for both, offered in socially integrated community centres.

The programme is theoretically based on the Adaptation-Coping model (Dröes et al, 2011) and aims to support people with dementia and their caregivers in dealing with the impact of dementia.

MCSP was originally developed in the Netherlands (Dröes et al, 2000) and is now being implemented in other European countries, such as Italy, Poland, The UK and recently also in Spain.

The consortium partners of MEETINGDEM are VU University medical centre (VUMC) in Amsterdam (Netherlands), University of Bologna (Italy), Fondazione Don Gnocchi Onlus in Milan (Italy), Wroclaw Medical University (Poland), University of Worcester (UK) and University College London (UK). They succeeded in successfully preparing and adaptively implementing 13 Meeting Centres in these countries, together with local care, welfare and volunteer organisations who participated in the initiative groups. The implementations were accompanied by research evaluating the implementation process (Mangiaracina et al, 2017), culture-specific adaptations, the effectiveness, cost effectiveness and user experience.

Results of the project are expected to be published in late 2017.

People who are interested in updates on this project, or in setting up Meeting Centres in their own country or region, are advised to sign up for the free project newsletter via or to contact the researchers via