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PredictND’s diagnostic tool PredictAD features on Dutch radio

Monday 11 January 2016

On 11 January, Dutch radio station Amsterdam FM aired a five-minute interview with neuropsychologist Professor Wiesje van der Flier about a new computer programme – PredictAD - developed within the framework of the PredictND project. Prof. van der Flier, VU University Medical Center (VUmc), Amsterdam said a study completed at VUmc shows the programme is a useful tool in recognising Alzheimer's disease (AD) in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

At the moment, she said, neurologists make diagnoses on the basis of clinical data, possibly using MRI scans and - more invasively - lumbar punctures. The data obtained is difficult to read as it can be contradictory, and a base-line is difficult to establish. Through the additional use of this new computer programme, it appears predictions can be made for each patient as to whether AD underlies the phenomena, or not.

The VUmc study is published in Journal of Alzheimer's Disease:

Listen to the full interview (in Dutch):

Find out more about PredictND: