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Final meeting of the PharmaCog Steering Committee

Friday 18 December 2015

The members of the PharmaCog Steering committee held their final meeting on 18 December in Lille (France), as the project will finish at the end of the year. The partners discussed the final results of the various work packages and how these would be presented in the last yearly report to IMI – the Innovative Medicines Initiative.

Dr Jill Richardson and Dr Régis Bordet, respectively the  EFPIA and academic coordinators of the project, thanked the participants from all the work packages for their valuable work and looked forward to potential further collaboration in future projects.

The PharmaCog partners have developed models to predict the efficacy of drug candidates by combining past and current data to define a series of biomarkers of dementia progression. Alzheimer Europe was an active partner in communication and dissemination activities and will continue to update the project website in 2016.