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ADAIR project adopts new logo

Friday 10 September 2021

The ADAIR project (2020-2022) has adopted a new logo. ADAIR is a multi-national collaboration between neuroscientists, environmental scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists, informaticians, and non-profit organisations, including Alzheimer Europe. It aims to provide crucial mechanistic insight about the effects of air pollutants on the brain in humans and discover biomarkers for air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) risk prediction. ADAIR addresses a major societal challenge with wide health-related, environmental, economic, scientific, social, and political impact. Lowering the incidence of AD attributable to air pollution and contribution to the mitigation of climate change, are closely linked. The ultimate goal is to develop strategies for early identification of people at risk of AD, and to discover novel targets for preventive strategies in AD. The ADAIR project is funded by the JPND, for a duration of 36 months. It started in January 2020 and will conclude in December 2022.