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EU4Health Civil Society Alliance publishes position paper on EU Health Programme

Tuesday 08 September 2020

Ahead of debates in the European Parliament on EU4Health, the EU’s forthcoming standalone health programme, the EU4Health Civil Society Alliance has published a position statement outlining key principles and points which must underpin the future Health Programme.

The position statement has been shared with decision and policy makers in the EU, encouraging them to ensure that the following points are included in the final version of the programme:

  • The EU4Health programme and its budget shall address not only the COVID-19 recovery, but a sustainable system able to cope with emergency situations and crises in the future
  • Civil society health organisations are an essential resource in shaping health policy at national and European levels
  • The role of health promotion, primary prevention and recovery support should be strengthened and prioritised
  • The EU4Health programme shall include actions to support health literacy and digital health literacy improvements for people of all ages living in Europe
  • The focus on cancer offers an exciting case study and template for what focused EU health cooperation can achieve, but attention should also go towards ensuring positive impact from the EU4Health programme is delivered for other disease areas
  • Special focus should be given to other non-communicable diseases and their risk factors
  • Coherence shall be ensured with other elements of the EU budget, such as Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, ESF+ and structural funds, to mobilise resources and to ensure more health investment and avoid duplication and inefficient spending
  • Solid governance and dedicated coordination structure for the EU4Health programme will be key to ensure efficient, well-designed and thoroughly evaluated use of resources, also in coordination with the abovementioned EU programmes and policies
  • Better harmonised data systems can play a crucial role in strengthening health systems, improving healthcare quality in Europe and promoting effective disease self-management
  • Strengthening of EU agencies, in particular European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The full position paper can be found at: