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European disability organisations campaign on voting rights for people with disabilities

Friday 08 February 2019

Two European disability organisations, the European Disability Forum (EDF) and Inclusion Europe, are running campaigns encouraging people with disabilities to vote and for legal and physical barriers to voting for people with disabilities to be removed.

As part of its campaign, the EDF have published quotes from people with different disabilities sharing their experiences of trying to vote, as well as providing online good practice information on how to make print, audio and video materials more accessible. Additionally, the organisation has launched a “European elections for all” petition, urging political leaders and electoral commission to ensure that people with disabilities are able to vote.

The Inclusion Europe campaign also provides resources explaining the importance of the European elections, how to make election more accessible and how people with disabilities and their supporters can engage in the election. Their campaign on voting primarily focuses on legal barriers faced by persons with disabilities, highlighting examples such as persons subject to guardianship being unable to vote in some countries. Included below, Alzheimer Europe have provided some links to some of the resources and information related to the campaigns:

  • A video outlining Inclusion Europe’s campaign can be viewed here:
  • The EDF petition can be viewed and signed here:
  • The Fundamental Rights Agency has an interactive map, showing which countries place voting restrictions on people who are deemed to lack capacity. This can be accessed at: