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Are you a patient at a memory clinic, a carer or a physician? Take this brief survey on computer tools in dementia diagnostics

Monday 10 August 2020

A new project run by the Alzheimer Center Amsterdam aims to further develop and implement a number of computer programmes (also referred to as “computer tools”) that can be used in the memory clinic. These tools will, for example, support physicians in the diagnosis of dementia, as well as predicting what clinic patients can expect in the future.

In the further development and implementation of such tools it is very important to have feedback from physicians, memory clinic patients and their carers. The current study aims to collect valuable input from these groups, to be able to develop tools that truly meet their preferences and needs. This will also help to facilitate the successful implementation of these tools in memory clinic practice.

The project team has created two brief online surveys, consisting of a number of questions regarding “the sense/nonsense of computer tools in dementia diagnostics”. One is for memory clinic patients and carers, the other is for physicians working in memory clinics. Alzheimer Center Amsterdam would be most grateful for your help, if you can spare a few minutes of your time to respond.

The survey for patients/carers can be found at:

The survey for physicians can be found at:  

These surveys are in English. Please contact Dr Aniek van Gils, if you would share the survey among your network in your own language, or if you need further information about the surveys or the project.