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Bill Gates contributes $10 million award to the Alzheimer’s Association ‘Part the Cloud’ programme

Monday 04 November 2019

On 4 November, the Alzheimer’s Association announced the contribution of $10 million by Bill Gates to its ‘Part the Cloud’ research funding programme.  Along with the $30 million already raised by the Alzheimer’s Association, this brings the total Part the Cloud clinical research investment to $60 million.    ‘Part the Cloud’ was founded in 2012 by Michaela ‘Mikey’ Hoag, whose parents both died of Alzheimer’s disease.  ‘Part the Cloud’ specifically funds early-phase clinical research, aiming to accelerate translation of laboratory findings into possible disease therapies.  The $10 million Gates award will specifically fund clinical trials of novel therapeutic approaches that target mitochondria, vascular pathologies, protein clearance-related mechanisms and neuroinflammation.  More information about the funding programme can be found here: