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24 Health Collaboration Award 2018 Launches Call for Applications

Friday 24 August 2018

Applications for the 3rd Annual Health Collaboration Awards are open for nominations. The awards were established to share best practice and provide a source of inspiration for anyone considering a multi-stakeholder approach to address the needs of patients with a specific illness. The projects will be evaluated based on:

  • Patient benefit from the project (and how it was measured).
  • Patient engagement.
  • The number of patients that benefit (taking in to account disease prevalence).
  • The innovative nature of the project.
  • Evidence of collaboration, transparency and best practices.
  • Health-system benefits.

The awards, operated by the Europe Federation for of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, are open for multi-stakeholder, collaborative projects which operate on a national or EU-level which have included patient organisations and industry partners.

Projects will be categorised into themes: ‘Prevention & Awareness’ and ‘Service Delivery’, with four awards issued in total. The deadline for submissions is 21 September 2018.

For more information please visit the website or send an email to