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French comedian Élie Semoun releases documentary about his father’s final years, with Alzheimer’s dementia

Friday 22 January 2021

French comedian, actor, director, writer and singer Élie Semoun lost his father, Paul Semoun, to Alzheimer’s dementia, in September 2020. Paul Semoun died in a nursing home and had not been able to see his family during the weeks leading up to his death, due to COVID restrictions.

Élie Semoun filmed many moments during the last four years of his father’s life, and has released a documentary called “Mon Vieux”, which looks at this period and reflects the pain felt by him and his family, but also the love, warmth and moments of real humour.

Élie Semoun said that he made this documentary, not only to remember and honour his father, but also to remind people of the importance of listening to, and respecting, one’s elders. He has also expressed his anger at the restrictions which prevented him and his father, and many other families, from sharing the last weeks or months of life, together. “Mon Vieux” was aired in December 2020, on French television.