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Europe has three of top four “Innovative Carer Practices” as identified by the International Alliance of Carer Organizations

Friday 05 July 2019

A report by the International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO), supported by Embracing Carers, has recognised four leading practices, globally, that address carers’ needs. Of these four “Innovative Carer Practices”, three are in Europe and one is in Taiwan:

  1. In the Social Wellness category, France’s “Café des aidants” is a network of 200 carer cafés, which provide a space to exchange stories and receive support.
  2. In the Integration category, the United Kingdom’s “Carer Passports”initiative recognises and supports carers across the health and social care systems.
  3. In the Capacity category, Ireland’s “Family Carer Training” is an outcome-based carer training that builds health and social care professionals’ skills.
  4. In the Awareness category, Taiwan’s “respite coffee” promotes recognition and community engagement.