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Dementia in society


In this section we report on the social impact of dementia, on how dementia is portrayed in the arts and media (e.g. theatre, films and television) and on celebrities diagnosed with dementia.

20/08/2019 Carol Hargreaves receives community award
05/07/2019 Europe has three of top four “Innovative Carer Practices” as identified by the International Alliance of Carer Organizations
05/07/2019 People with dementia in England have spent almost EUR 16.5 billion of their own money on care since 2017
10/06/2019 Family carers in Ireland are turning to the internet for support and social connections, due to lack of availability of home care
27/05/2019 4th annual“Living with Dementia in Rural Ireland” conference held
15/04/2019 Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) launches global dementia attitudes survey
01/03/2019 Jayne Goodrick receives Points of Light award forher work advocating for people with dementia and carers
06/02/2019 German football legend Rudi Assauer has died due to complications from Alzheimer's disease
09/01/2019 Music is so beneficial it should be part of all dementia care pathways, UK campaign says
08/01/2019 International trailer released for Flemish awareness-raising campaign “Forget dementia, remember the person”
21/11/2018 “Head Full of Honey” takes a poignant look at love, loss and dementia
21/11/2018 Irish short film about dementia gains international acclaim
21/11/2018 What is the Three Nations Dementia Working Group? New video explains
20/11/2018 Dementia Friends movement highlights importance of youth involvement this Universal Children’s Day
11/10/2018 New Flemish working group of people with dementia holds its first meeting