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Dementia in society


In this section we report on the social impact of dementia, on how dementia is portrayed in the arts and media (e.g. theatre, films and television) and on celebrities diagnosed with dementia.

21/09/2020 Centre for Access to Football in Europe marks World Alzheimer’s Day
07/09/2020 Dementia Research Chatathon Live takes place online
10/08/2020 Are you a patient at a memory clinic, a carer or a physician? Take this brief survey on computer tools in dementia diagnostics
03/08/2020 Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume dies with dementia
09/06/2020 Internationally acclaimed Australian short film about dementia is available to view online
30/01/2020 Critically acclaimed Dutch-German film about dementia – “Romy’s Salon” - is out in cinemas
24/01/2020 Monty Python star Terry Jones dies with a variant of frontotemporal dementia
06/12/2019 Alzheimer Slovenia President becomes congress ambassador and earns 2019 award for accomplishments in social care
05/12/2019 Helen Rochford-Brennan is narrator of newly-launched “hear/say” book of stories on ageing and dementia
25/11/2019 Former EWGPWD member Agnes Houston gives TEDx talk
20/11/2019 Helen Rochford-Brennan recognised for her advocacy work, at Irish awards ceremony
19/11/2019 “Visual Storytelling Grant” awarded to Danish photographer Sofie Mathiassen by The Bob & Diane Fund
12/11/2019 Conference in Berlin explores important issues related to dementia in the acute hospital care setting
11/11/2019 Online campaign aims to raise awareness of the problem of pain under-diagnosis and under-treatment in dementia
04/11/2019 Bill Gates contributes $10 million award to the Alzheimer’s Association ‘Part the Cloud’ programme