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German Alzheimer’s Association publishes information and guidance on COVID-19

Thursday 26 March 2020

The German Alzheimer’s Association, Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft, has published information and guidance in relation to people living with dementiaand COVID-19.

In relation to restrictions on nursing home visits, the Association notes that restrictions vary by state, and direct people

Additionally, the Association directs people to official guidance on COVID-19, on the Federal Center for Health Education website:

To ensure people maintain exercise, the "Getting older in balance" website is also suggested, which contains videos with exercise which can be performed at home: :

The Association also highlights that further advice and information is available on its app, entitled "Alzheimer & YOU - actively shaping everyday life", which can be downloaded free of charge:

  • For the iPhone: “Alzheimer & YOU - Den Alltag aktiv gestalten”
  • For Android devices: ”Alzheimer & YOU - Den Alltag aktiv gestalten”

You can find out more information here: