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Alzheimer Nederland publishes advice and resources for people with dementia in relation to COVID-19

Thursday 26 March 2020

Alzheimer Nederland has a made a number of resources and information available on its website about the COVID-19 pandemic. Their website acknowledges the specific difficulties for people with dementia during the pandemic and offers practical advice for supporting people.

The website has online support through a dedicated section within its forums where individuals can speak with each other about COVID-19. Additionally, people can phone the helpline between 9am and 11pm on 0800-5088.


The website also highlights ways of overcoming social isolation and keeping people connected, despite the social distancing measures. People are encouraged to share examples online, through social media, using the hashtag #wevergetenjullieniet

A dedicated section of the Alzheimer Nederland website has been set up at:

More information can be found at: