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Fundación Alzheimer España asserts “We won’t let distance get in the way of our care”

Thursday 19 March 2020

 At this time of uncertainty and anxiety, flexibility, for the lack of any alternative, is the only approach to caring for people with dementia. As one of the main bodies of reference in the field of dementia, FAE (Fundación Alzheimer España) cannot, and will not, let down its guard during the current coronavirus pandemic. The fact that our headquarters, and consequently our capacity for direct, hands-on care, has had to see its shutters pulled down indefinitely, stands no chance of getting in the way of some of the much-needed services we offer.

FAE’s staff members, each from their respective home-based work stations, have got down to the nitty-gritty and have rapidly put in place a tele-assistance service aiming at providing people with dementia and their relatives and carers with some of the supports that will help them come out the other side, while preserving, in so far as possible, their overall health and general wellbeing, both mental and physical.    

By providing services such as daily contact over the phone; regularly mailing out cognitive exercises and getting them returned for marking; sending out regular information circulars containing the latest news and developments, tips and advice; and, links to on-line resources, FAE is trying to relieve carers’ worries about the impact of the coronavirus situation. We want to ensure that loneliness and boredom are removed from the isolation equation, and that, to the best of our expertise, all basic and non-basic needs of people with dementia are met in such a rapidly changing and oppressive context. Not losing focus on practical issues, providing tailored distance care and assistance, and offering psychological relief and tools, to both deal with the situation and properly support a person with dementia, are some of the keys to success.

We will continue to ensure we are only a phone call or an e-mail away, with our arms outstretched, and with a constant spark of hope in our hearts. We will make it through this difficult time, together as one, as has always been the case.