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Sarajevo Center for Dementia and Udruzenje AiR Alzheimer Association publish recommendations on supporting people with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic

Saturday 28 March 2020

On 28 March, Osman Kučuk (Director of the Sarajevo Center for Dementia), Amela Hajric and Emina Kučuk (Udruzenje AiR) published a document outlining their recommendations for supporting people with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The document was published in collaboration with the Bosnia Herzegovina Ministry of Health and the Sarajevo Institute for Public Health.  

The aim of the publication is to outline “how to help and protect people living with dementia alone in their homes or with their partners”. Among other topics, the symptoms of caregiver burnout are discussed, and recommendations on how to avoid burnout are provided.  The publication also describes possible symptoms of COVID-19 in people with dementia, which include physical exhaustion, increased aggression and disorientation

Finally, specific recommendations to help families and caregivers of people with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic are outlined.  For example, reminders of hand hygiene techniques can be displayed prominently above bathroom sinks, and a caregiving backup plan could be created in case the usual caregiver becomes infected.  The publication also lays out recommendations for measures to undertake in the event that the person with dementia is hospitalised, such as ensuring that nursing staff are trained in dementia care, and that cognitive and physical activity levels are maintained where possible. For more information, visit:

An English translation of the publication is available upon email request to