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COVID-19 situation


This news section contains articles regarding the COVID-19 situation and about actions being taken by Alzheimer Europe's members and other organisations across Europe and beyond, to ensure continuity and connectedness during these challenging times. 

01/07/2020 Fundamental Rights Agency publishes bulleting on COIVD-19 and older people
29/06/2020 “Library under the Treetops” opens in Ljubljana to help meet needs of people with dementia and carers during pandemic
26/06/2020 Report shows that the impact of COVID-19 on care homes varies substantially between countries
25/06/2020 Turkish Alzheimer Society hosts digital tea parties during lockdown
22/06/2020 Research project investigates loneliness and social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic – Take the survey!
18/06/2020 Fundación Alzheimer España stresses how different the experience of bereavement is for people losing a loved one with dementia during COVID-19
17/06/2020 Portuguese memory cafés launch an online format
16/06/2020 Study finds neurochemical evidence of neuronal injury in patients with moderate or severe COVID-19
12/06/2020 Clinicians at Fundacio ACE share their experience of adapting their model of care during the COVID-19 pandemic
08/06/2020 Review in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease proposes a three-stage ‘NeuroCOVID’ classification scheme
05/06/2020 UK Office for National Statistics reports 50% increase in excess deaths of people dying of dementia during COVID pandemic
29/05/2020 Israel Ministry of Health publishes a COVID-19 booklet for caregivers of people with dementia
29/05/2020 Scottish Government publishes new SIGN guidance with advice on presentations and management of COVID-19 in older persons
28/05/2020 Jersey Alzheimer's Association criticises government’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic
27/05/2020 WHO releases updated interim guidance on clinical management of COVID-19, including on neurological and mental health manifestations