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Glasgow Declaration campaign passes halfway mark

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Alzheimer Europe (AE)’s is delighted to have passed the halfway mark of its target of 10,000 individual signatures on the Glasgow Declaration. At the time of writing, the numbers are: 5,079 individuals, 82 policymakers (including 62 MEPs), 96 organisations.

On 21 September, World Alzheimer’s Day (WAD), AE launched a Twitter “Thunderclap” campaign, encouraging people to sign. The Thunderclap had a social reach of more than 284,000. WAD was also an excellent opportunity for members to collect signatures at their events. The campaign was also publicised via a number of blog and newsletter appearances around that date, for which AE would like to thank Dementia Friends, Lilly, the EPF, Health EU and EUMonitr.

19 policymakers also signed during August and September:

MEP Milan Zver (Slovenia), Minister Anja Kopač Mrak (Slovenia), MEP Kostadinka Kuneva (Greece), MEP Maria Spyraki (Greece), MEP Sofia Sakorafa (Greece), MEP Manolis Kefalogiannis (Greece), Senator Jan Žaloudík (Czech Republic), Senator Milan Pešák (Czech Republic), MEP Glenis Wilmott (UK), MEP Biljana Borzan (Croatia), MEP Tonino Picula (Croatia), MEP Jytte Guteland (Sweden), MEP Peter Lundgren (Sweden), MEP Papadimoulis Dimitrios (Greece), MP and Member of Municipal Council Merja Mäkisalo-Ropponen (Finland), Member of Municipal Council Pentti Tiusanen (Finland), MP Johanna Karimäki (Finland), MP Sari Tanus (Finland) and MEP Bogdan Wenta (Poland).

15 organisations signed during August and September:

Siedleckie Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Osobom z Choroba Alzheimera (Poland), GAMIAN-Europe, SUMU ry (Finland), Swedish Gerontological Society, Brighton and Sussex Medical School – Centre for Dementia Studies (UK), Memory centre NPO (Slovenia), Scottish Dementia Working Group, Collegium Mazovia Innovative University (Poland), Alzheimer Gesellschaft Augsburg (Germany), Alzheimer Gesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (Germany), European Council of Medical Orders, Gateshead Citizens Advice Bureau (UK), Eläkeläiset ry (Finland), Korsholmsnejdens Demensförening (Finland) and Suomen Dementiayhdistys ry (Finland)

We would also like to thank Alzheimer Bulgaria, the Czech Alzheimer Society and Alzheimer Sverige for their recent translations of the Declaration. The Declaration is now available in a total of 16 languages, as is the online sign-up form.

The closing date for signatures is 30 November 2015.

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