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31st edition of Dementia in Europe magazine published

Wednesday 23 October 2019

We are pleased to present the 31st edition of our Dementia in Europe magazine. This edition, published in time for our Annual Conference in The Hague, provides an update on our efforts to make dementia a policy priority in Europe. We share progress made in reconvening the European Alzheimer’s Alliance, a non-exclusive, multinational and cross-party group that brings together Members of the European Parliament. Two new EU-funded projects in which Alzheimer Europe is actively involved, Alzheimer’s Disease Detect and Prevent and VirtualBrainCloud, are also presented and members of our ethics working group discuss Alzheimer Europe’s report on making services and support for people with dementia appropriate for people from all ethnic communities.

The Policy Watch section presents a “who’s who” of some of the key leaders and decision-makers in the EU. It also includes an update on the Governmental Expert Group on Dementia, which met for the second time in June 2019. We take a look at the ins-and-outs of data-sharing in clinical research projects and the section concludes with a piece about the policy outcomes of a recent Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenija conference.

The Dementia in Society section takes a look at the outcomes of policy campaigning at local and national levels. Then, Debbie Abrahams MP, Co-chair of the UK Government’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Dementia, reveals some of the key findings of the group’s report, “Hidden no more: Dementia and disability”. In Iceland, a new working group of people with dementia was formed at the start of the year. You can read about the group’s aims and progress made so far. Finally, project officers Angela Bradshaw and Cindy Birck look into the potential benefits of gene therapy for Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

This 31st edition of Dementia in Europe is our Annual Conference edition and the final section shines a spotlight on the Netherlands and on Alzheimer Nederland. Alzheimer Nederland co-hosted the 29th Alzheimer Europe Conference “Making valuable connections” (#29AEC) in The Hague. As well as looking at the history and work of our co-hosts, this section also includes an interview with people living with dementia who share their reflections following the Dementia Event – a national gathering for and by people with dementia. We are also delighted to have an interview with the Dutch Health Minister, as well as an update on the country’s national dementia strategy - the Deltaplan Dementie.

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