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Alzheimer Europe releases report and guidelines on continence care

Wednesday 22 October 2014

On 22 October, Alzheimer Europe (AE) released a new report entitled “Improving continence care for people with dementia living at home”.

The report provides information about incontinence and dementia, explaining how the continence care of people with dementia living at home should be understood in the more global context of the long-term care of people with complex care needs. It also explores the experience and challenges faced by people with dementia and continence problems who live at home and also those of informal carers. This is followed by statements from people with dementia and their carers, highlighting their needs and desire in relation to continence care and in the wider context of their rights as equal and valued citizens.

The guidelines are designed to address a wide audience and are hopefully accessible to many people with dementia and their carers. They may also serve as a useful source of support or tool to help health and social care professionals to consider some of the issues which are specific to the continence care of people with dementia within the community setting, as opposed to in residential or nursing care.

Dianne Gove, Director for Projects for Alzheimer Europe, said: “Continence care must respond to the needs and wishes of people with dementia to travel and to play an active role in the local community and wider society”.

This project was a joint effort between Alzheimer Europe and SCA. Alzheimer Europe is very grateful for the funding received from SCA and for the fruitful collaboration between our two organisations.