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Article on meaningful outcomes for people with dementia is published

Wednesday 20 June 2018

The article, which was published in June in the Journal “Health Expectations”, highlights the need for outcome measures in dementia research which truly reflect what is meaningful to people living with the condition. Based on this premise, researchers from INTERDEM and Alzheimer Europe conducted a series of consultations with people with dementia in four different countries. The members of the European Working Group of People with Dementia participated in one of these consultations.  The other consultations were held in Denmark, Italy and the UK. The consultations focused on “what people with dementia consider to be meaningful approaches to capture the essence of psychosocial interventions through research”. A main conclusion of this work was that any activities and psychosocial interventions for people with dementia should, in addition to considering health in a broad sense, also focus on enhancing dignity through social engagement and reciprocal contribution to society, and should take into consideration individual needs, preferences and rights. The authors explained that “these values are embedded in concepts of social health and positive psychology, which are emerging within the field of psychosocial interventions for people with dementia”. Two staff members from AE were actively involved in this work and are co-authors of the paper. The article has been published as open access and can be downloaded at: