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Members of the EWGPWG met in Brussels

Tuesday 18 February 2020

The first meeting of the EWGPWD in 2020 was held in Brussels from 18-20 February. Members of the EWGPWD welcomed Nina Baláčková, who has been re-nominated by the Czech Alzheimer’s Society to join the group for the rest of its term of office (2018-2020). During the meeting, members provided feedback to AE’s ethics work for 2020, received an update on clinical trials in dementia in Europe (by AE Project Officer Cindy Birck) and started planning their contributions to the next AE conference in Romania and their annual work on dementia-inclusive meetings, transport and venues.

During the morning of the second and third day, members of the EWGPWD had the opportunity to discuss and provide feedback to the various tools and templates which the IMI PARADIGM project is currently developing. Giorgio Barbareschi, Programme Manager at the patient organisation European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) - who is also part of PARADIGM - participated in the session dedicated to Community Advisory Boards.

Part of the meeting was also dedicated to the Patient Advisory Board of the IMI RADAR-AD project, for this session members welcomed two persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment who live in the Netherlands and their carers. As members of the PAB, they provided feedback to the Participants’ Manual for the RADAR-AD trials and were engaged in discussions on relevant ethical issues. Many of them, participated in one-to-one interviews about ethical issues in the project conducted by Federica Lucivero and Sebastien Libert (University of Oxford). Dianne Gove and Ana Diaz participated in the meeting.