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At virtual meeting, members of the European Working Group of People with Dementia confirm Chris Roberts as future Chairperson of the group

Thursday 11 June 2020

Members of the EWGPWD met virtually on 11 June to elect the Chairperson for the next term of office of the group and to start preparing for their special symposium at the virtual Alzheimer Europe Conference.  With regard to the election of the Chairperson of the EWGPWD, the Board of Alzheimer Europe had adopted a new procedure. In order to guarantee some continuity of the expertise and knowledge obtained by the current members of the EWGPWD, the Board decided to ask the group to elect the future Chairperson (2020-2022) from amongst its current members. The nomination for the other members of the EWGPWD has not changed and a call for candidates was issued on 30 June.

After a call for candidates, Chris Roberts put forward his candidature and members of the group present at the virtual meeting unanimously supported this. As a result of this vote of confidence, Chris will take up his position as chairperson of the EWGPWD in October after the virtual Alzheimer Europe Conference "Dementia in a changing world”. Helen Rochford-Brennan, the current Chairperson, will continue in her role until then.

The group also discussed the format and title of the special symposium and also discussed the structure and format of the group’s meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic until face-to-face meetings can resume. The group looked at different challenges linked to operating virtually and how to overcome them. This is also linked to the topic on dementia-inclusive meetings and venues that the group is working on this year. A report will be produced at the end of the year about their experience and conclusions.

Pictured: Helen Rochford-Brennan and Chris Roberts at Alzheimer Europe lunch debate in December 2019.