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2018-2020 European Working Group of People with Dementia confirmed

Sunday 28 October 2018

The European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD) began its fourth two-year term of office at a meeting held on 28 October 2018 in Barcelona, prior to the 28th Alzheimer Europe Conference (#28AEC). During this meeting, the group welcomed four new members.

The EWGPWD for 2018-2020 is composed of the following 14 members:

Chairperson: Helen Rochford-Brennan (Ireland)

Vice-Chairperson: Chris Roberts (UK – England, Wales and N. Ireland)

Members: Idalina Aguiar, Portugal; Stefan Eriksson, Sweden (new); Tomaž Grižinič, Slovenia; Amela Hajrič, Bosnia & Herzegovina; Carol Hargreaves, (UK - Scotland); Bernd Heise, Germany (new); Miha Kastelic, Czech Republic (new); Petri Lampinen, Finland; Thomas Maurer, Switzerland; Angela Pototschnigg, Austria (new); Helga Rohra, Romania; Geert Van Laer, Belgium.

EWGPWD members also bid a fond farewell to Nina Baláčková (Czech Republic). Ms Baláčková was a founding member of the EWGPWD, having joined in October 2012. She was also Vice Chairperson in 2013-2014. Alzheimer Europe and the EWGPWD wish to thank her for her important and positive contributions and her friends and family members, who supported her at meetings.

The EWGPWD was launched by Alzheimer Europe and its member associations in early 2012. The group is composed entirely of people with dementia who are nominated by their national Alzheimer associations. They work to ensure that the activities, projects and meetings of Alzheimer Europe duly reflect the priorities and views of people with dementia. The group operates independently and members electing their own Board. The Chairperson is also an ex-officio member on the Board of Alzheimer Europe with full voting rights.

During the group’s first three terms of office (2012-2014, 2014-2016, 2016-2018), the members of the EWGPWD have actively participated in Alzheimer Europe’s annual conferences, given keynote presentations in the European Parliament, contributed to consultations for European projects in which Alzheimer Europe is involved, as well as to other areas of work for the organisation. Members of the group have also contributed to research conducted by external organisations on topics such as outcome measures that are meaningful to people with dementia and their carers, travel, social health and people with dementia as peer-researchers, and have attended a number of international dementia-related events, representing the group.

The full group, as well as outgoing member Nina Baláčková, participated in the meeting of 28 October in Barcelona, to prepare for their involvement in the #28AEC conference programme, including the Special Symposium “I have dementia and life goes on”, held on 30 October 2018.

Executive Director Jean Georges, Director for Projects Dianne Gove and Project Officer Ana Diaz attended the meeting.

Pictured: The EWGPWD 2018-2020, together with care partners and supporters.